Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wait, why did Charles O'byrne resign?

D&C readers may be uninformed

In my previous blog post I pointed out how the Democrat and Chronicle (D&C) treated the "Paterson aide pays back $300,000" story with little importance, burying an already unelaborate article. The article explains how Charles O'byrne (Paterson's aide) paid back nearly $300,000 in back taxes.

To further understand my point, consider the fact that O'byrne resigned as a result of scrutiny over his delinquent taxes. Since the article was placed on the second to last page of the Local & State (B section), many D&C readers may have missed the story. Thus, any prior knowledge of O'Byrne's tax problem (before the news broke of his resignation) came from another news source, if it came at all.

This illustrates how burying bad news leads to an uniformed public. Furthermore, any news that compromises the trust in the office of the NY Governor should be top priority, considering the former Governor's prostitution scandal.

D&C's story of O'byrne resignation was the last on page 5B on Saturday. The only content left to proceed it was advertisements and weather (on the following page).

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