Thursday, November 20, 2008

First "Barack the Vote", now a movie

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OK, it is now post-election time and we can congratulate President-elect Barack Obama for really "Baracking the vote!" I am sure we can also come to a consensus that the 2008 election was quite eventful, full of surprises, and of course, dramatic as ever. During the election we saw SNL, MAD-TV and many other satirical productions of the events that led up to the final vote. Even after the election, some people just can't let go of the comedic drama. ABC News broke out a recent story about an inevitable movie for the 2008 election.

This article is not bias based on the dictionary definition of the term, but it definitely offers a slanted approach centered on the election being more humorous and amusing than fundamental. This whole idea of making a new movie, "Election 2008: The Movie" seems a bit too far fetched. Granted I found myself laughing while reading the article, I realized how inpractical it was with the point it made. Not only does it offer a fabricated illustration of the recent elections, but it mirrors more parodies that were already revealed on Late Night shows as previously mentioned.

I found the cinemark idea to offer a more satirical idea of the realistic events and would actually take away from the seriousness of the election. Moreover, the movie would display a mockery and ridicule of the candidates involved, such as Senator John McCain, whom the critics mention Ed Harris as a prospective actor for this part and regarding Harris' intended role, say: "I'm sure he can be made to look older."
Most notably of course, they discussed the proposal of Tina Fey playing Governor Sarah Palin, which is no surprise since that was a main focal point of mainstream media during the election.

As for the other participants, it was interesting to read the bogus suggestions for the cast characters such as Barack Obama (Will Smith), Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Cindy McCain, Oprah (by Oprah), Joe Biden, George Bush and we couldn't forget the infamous "Joe the Plumber."

Although I agree that this past election was much different than any others and encompassed many extremes thus making it quite amusing, I would not advocate it as a blockbuster comedy because of its intense distortion of reality.


  1. To be honest I hate McCain and his campaign for so many reasons, but I would not like to see a movie where they are making fun of him like that. He still has his views and has done a lot for this country.

  2. Yes, I agree with your movie statement- it is definitely malicious, but I will also disregard your hatred toward him, haha.

  3. A statement of hatred toward any human let alone a presidential candidate and decorated soldier seems somewhat ignorant. Disagreeing with ones political, economic and even religious views intelligently, show's critical thinking. You’re “hate” statement leads me to believe your wasting your time and someone’s money with your lack of learning! As for the root of the article, I think everyone’s done with the absurdity of this past election; making a movie of it is pointless and plainly stupid. We need to support our incoming Government and move on!

  4. I didn't vote for Obama and certainly would not pay to see the last few years in movie format, but it's time we stop laughing at politics and the state of our country and DO something about it. Lower taxes, cut government spending, give welfare recipients the boot, protect the boarders, beef up the military and PROTECT our country. Make a movie on how we're going to elect someone who can do that and I'm ready with the popcorn.