Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photos CAN Lie

(above photo taken from BBC News)

In doing my bias research this week, I found pictures that took me by surprise on how media gets away with the slant in not only their stories, but also photos.

For instance, here is a picture dated October 18, 1962 showing President Kennedy. Click here to view. It is interesting to see what they did with the photo in order to create a fabrication of the reality of the situation. Read the caption and the following explanation. Of course if the public knew what was really going on at that meeting the nation would have been scared out of their mind, but the picture was put with an article having nothing to do with that aspect and made it seem more comforting to the public eye.

Also, go to this site to see more "pictures that lie" and reveal that looks really can be deceiving. I think it is amazing to see how drastic some of the alterations of the photos are on that page, from something so little as making a person look tan to a more significant thing like incorporating a large object not originally there, such as a soldier. We have Photoshop to thank for most of the deceiving pictures.

Now we really know to never judge a book by its cover, or in this case never judge or trust an article based on its image or artwork!

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