Sunday, December 7, 2008

You Can Do It!

Today is not a regular blog for me because it does not focus on detecting mere bias in a particular article or photo. Instead, since it is getting to the closing point for this blog, I figured I may share some interesting facts and ways to detect bias presented in the news on your own. I researched "news bias" all over the Net and was excited to find many sites and articles that fit perfectly into our group's discussion throughout the semester!

Check out these following Web sites and discover much more about the reality of news bias --it raises many points and truths about the type of journalism we need to avoid:
News Bias Explored
Bias in the News
Fairness and Accuracy
AP Bias!
Media Awareness Network

And my personal favorite, which requires a download but is so worth it and pretty funny--
Spinspotter shows specific instances in articles that display significant bias.

I learned it is often difficult to investigate and find the bias components of stories or photos, but following some certain guidelines and knowing what to look for makes it much easier and actually quite amusing.

Since our group may not be here as often, if anymore, to help point out the most obvious bias in news, you now know where to go and learn about doing it yourself--especially the future journalists in our class or those who are simply honest citizens wanting fair and accurate news.

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