Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fox News praises McCain, bashes Biden and Obama

VP candidate Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act. McCain supporter Gov. Tom Pawlenty reacts.

The "We Report. You Decide" Fox News slogan suggests the network alone provides us with adequate information to base intelligent decisions on. Question: How can we make such decisions when its news reports present only one side of an issue, the Republican side?

Thursday night, Fox News aired a report in response to VP Joe Biden's comments on ABC's Good Morning America. While discussing presidential candidate Barack Obama’s economic plan, under which those making more than $250,000 a year would pay more taxes, Biden said "It's time to be patriotic...its time to help America get out of the rut."

Following the segment from Good Morning America, Shepard Smith mentioned that McCain called the tax plan “dumb,” before interviewing Republican Minnesota Governor Tom Pawlenty, a McCain supporter. Pawlenty criticized Biden, stating that his comments resulted from “misguided and unclear thinking” and that the tax plan would “stifle and suffocate the economy.” He then went on to explain McCain’s economic plans like the creation of a Mortgage and Financial Institutions trust.

Pawlenty’s response to Biden’s interview and criticism of Obama’s economic plan isn’t the problem here. The absence of a Democratic dignitary to provide an alternative viewpoint is. The positive comments about McCain’s plans were plenty, yet we heard nothing about Obama’s plans or Biden’s interview but harsh criticism. This report is not “fair and balanced,” as Fox would lead you to believe. It’s bias.

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