Tuesday, September 16, 2008

political bias

Headline: Clinton plays it cool while stumping for Obama in Ohio

And voters at yesterday's rallies were divided in their view.

Before I begin the first post of the unbiased tabloid, let me preface with the statement that Newsday (The voice of Long Island, NY) is a liberal publication. While I was aware of this implicit trait, I knew it would be good fodder for the unbiased tabloid and an excellent starting point for the blog.

Now onto the deconstruction!

Newsday reporter Elizabeth Moore is a democrat.

Newsday reporter Elizabeth Moore believes Hilary Clinton should be Barack Obama’s pick for VP. This is evident in her writing. She includes quotes in her article from a Clinton supporter who doesn’t endorse Obama, an Obama supporter who only endorses him because of Clinton, and an Obama supporter who doesn’t endorse Clinton. Although this is an article about Hilary Clinton speaking at an Obama rally, it contains partiality and one sided commentary.

While I realize this article was written in part because of Sarah Palin’s comment about the duo (Obama/Clinton) there was not much newsworthy information. It seemed to me the article was simply stating the fact that Clinton is spoke for Obama in Ohio. What made it bias, however was the fact that the article was favorable to Clinton and not Obama.

I discovered this article on www.newsday.com today but it was published in the print Monday, September 15, 2008

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