Monday, September 29, 2008

Targeting Those on the Run,,,,

Everybody knows the talk show host Jon Stewart and the famous Daily Show. On his shows Sarah Palin Choice at the beginning of September, when the current VP runner on the GOP side Sarah Palin was first introduced, he severely attacks Palin for her ability to run the country along with McCain (supposedly if they win the election this coming November). Palin is not the only target of the episode, Senator McCain is the other subject of criticism.

The show would have been fine if it is pure criticism. But what is inappropriate about it is the use of offensive language and details against the governors, or frankly speaking, to debase them in front of the audience.

First he calls her McCain's third wife. In just one sentence, he apparently made it clear to the audience that he was intentionally making fun of the GOP President and VP runners.

Not only does he He also made a joke about Palin's glass frames, which is something totally irrelevant to the fact that she is running for VP.

Mr. Stewart takes into account distracting information regarding Senator McCain's age and health issues: "This 72 year old, 4 to 5 times faced cancer guy..."

He also verbally attack Palin in a very sarcastic way, judging her resume only appropriate for a "Northern exposure reunion show."

Palin may or may not be using her glasses as a tool to generate public attention, but Mr. Stewart makes it seem that way, that she is abusing her so-called stylish glass frames. He calls her "the sexy librarian?"
"For the first time in America, a woman has reached the highest levels of being used as a cheap political deploy."

The sad thing is that the audience find this amusing.

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