Friday, October 3, 2008

Political Analysis

Palin Delivers, But Doubts Linger
One debate will not erase doubts that have been building about Palin's capacity to serve as vice president

Dan Balz, a staff writer for the Washington Post, attempted to be a non-biased commentator or “analyst” on the debates last night. Unfortunately, like many journalists in the field today he just can’t keep his political sentiments to himself. While I tried to find an article extremely left-winged, the only news sources truly republican seemed to be those owned by Disney (ABC news), all other “big name” news sources are rooting for Obama. In the instance of this article, Palin Delivers, But Doubts Linger, one needn’t look further than the headline to realize what the overlying theme is…

“…Biden did all he could Thursday to make sure that would not happen. If Palin was the surprise, he was the steady and experienced voice.”

Balz definitely knows who he is voting for and finds it appropriate to be partial to one candidate. His selective use of vocabulary condones Palin and praises Biden. For instance, “Palin, who struggled with questions in televised interviews, came to Thursday's debate well briefed.”

Balz used the word struggle and well-briefed to belittle the Governor.

“Biden was direct, not verbose, and his answers came crisply in contrast to Obama's more studied and sometimes pausing style of speaking.”

The word crisp and direct evoke a sense of leadership and preparedness. Although Biden has spent more time in government than Palin, Balz does not mention that both are briefed beforehand.

This article appeared in The Washington Post Friday, October 3, 2008 on Page A01

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