Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pick Up Lines: Pass or Fail?

I found this video on which is full of great lifestyle articles. I am sure we have all used a pick-up line at least once in our lives, especially males, as stereotyped in the video. This may seem like a biased argument, yet it is logical.
I watched the video with an open mind and found it to be quite funny. The best part is that I have heard at least two of the lines dropped by both males and females--either directed to me or my friends.

An interesting thing about this video is the title: "Striking Out: The Worst Pick-Up Lines," which contradicts the messages in the video. To be honest, I kind of liked the lines in a quirky, sappy romantic way. Therefore, they really cannot call these the worst ones because what if someone found their true love or life-long partner from one of these particular lines?

Also, how could they be the worst when clearly, from the video, a couple of the lines worked once or twice, hence "SUCCESS" pops up rather than "REJECTED." I would think that if this article was a ploy against pick-up lines than they would not include the success rate in the video.

The "actor" uses the same pick-up line: "Excuse me, you're legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day" twice until it works, which is not very fair. In fact, that's cheating. This is not trial and error or play till you win.

Another thing that makes this story quite slanted is the fact that the reporter performing this experiment is approaching mere strangers on the streets of Manhattan in the middle of what seems to be a work day. Obviously people are preoccupied with their daily routine and not interested in being picked up by a random "creepy" guy throwing out pick-up lines like candy to children. Not to mention, he sounds rehearsed!

Instead, they at least could have tested this at a club at night club when it is expected, then the results of whether these pick-up lines are worthy or not would be more accurate based on the right context of analysis. I enjoyed the subject and found it very creative and humorous, but I think there are those few things they could have done to make the story more believable or reliable!

P.S.--I apologize for all of the ads before the actual video begins.

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